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FNable, the Caps Lock for your fn-key!

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On a typical Mac the function keys have a special meaning. They are used to control the volume, the screen's brightness or iTunes. But some applications, games or especially Windows software that is running in VMWare Fusion or Parallels use the normal function keys. FNable allows you to easily use your function keys in the applications that you need them.

Automatically switches to your Function keys

FNable runs in the background and can quickly change your special keys to function keys. The applications that use Function keys, are remembered and every time you switch to such an application, the function keys will be available. In all other apps the special keys will be available. Of course you can still use the special keys while your function keys are active, just hold down the FN key when clicking the function keys.

Use FNable the way you like!

Don't clutter your menu bar

While you can add FNable to your menu bar just as many other apps, you can also put FNable into your menu's corners, for extra speedy access. That saves some menu bar real estate and you can find FNable in any running app, that might otherwise hide the menu bar items.

Function Keys

Special Keys

Put FNable in your left menu corner
Put FNable in your menu bar
Put FNable in your right menu corner
Use FNable from your Dock and keep your menu clean

Click the indicator to toggle between Function keys and Special keys. Right-Click for a context menu to access the Preferences.

Hold down your FN key for 3 seconds to switch

Playing a game and want to use your function keys without leaving your game? Just hold your FN key for 3 seconds and FNable will enable your function keys! Your Mac will inform you about your current settings with its integrated Voice Synthesizer!

Of cause you can also toggle your function keys by using a global hotkey. Or you put FNable into your dock and use it from there!

Key Features

  • perfect system-integration: use FNable from your Screen corners, your menu bar, a hotkey, or from the Dock
  • remembers the applications where you want to use your Function Keys
  • hold the FN key for 3 seconds to toggle your Function Keys while playing games
  • does not require Accessibility permissions
  • compatible with macOS 10.12