Xcode Refactorings

I just created yet another class with some instance variables and so missed the functionality of creating accessor methods for these instvars automatically. As I never really looked into the Refactorings of Xcode 3 I didn’t notice that they provide an encapsulation refactoring. Using this on an instvar nicely generates accessor methods. You have to apply it to all your instvars separately, but still it’s a great gain.

One thing they should improve though: why is the refactor command no submenu which shows all the available refactorings? This way the refactoring could be chosen much simpler.


3 Responses to “Xcode Refactorings”

  1. Nikita Zhuk Says:

    Or you could just use ObjC 2.0 properties and @synthesize your accessors 🙂

  2. Chris Hanson Says:

    Sounds like a great enhancement request for bugreport.apple.com! 🙂

  3. Karsten Says:

    done…6267262. 😉