CuteClips and Snapplr for sale

The last few years have been pretty busy on my end. I still work as a full-time Smalltalk developer and in my spare time I’ve released some new versions of my Apps, most of which are available on the Mac App Store. Last year I’ve even released my first iOS App:

However, I’ve also neglected two of my products severely. Both Snapplr and CuteClips have not seen an update in years. During a longer journey before Christmas I made the decision to sell both apps because I believe my customers deserve better than me not having time to update the apps.

It’s not that I didn’t work at all on any of the two apps within the last couple of years, but it never was enough to actually release a new version. There’s for example a beta of Snapplr available that works properly even in 10.10. CuteClips 3.1.11 still runs on 10.10 but there’s also a beta available that fixes some issues.

While the UI of both apps may not be top of the line, both their inner workings are in pretty well shape. CuteClips for example has a very advanced Pasteboard interface. It uses a low-level API to get the data from and to the pasteboard so that the clips behave the same when they are provided by CuteClips as they did when the original app provided the clip. CuteClips also uses a pretty much constant memory footprint of under 50MB regardless of what clips it stores.

The same holds true for Snapplr. It comes with a tool Snapplrer that is more or less a rewrite of the OS X’s screencapture tool. Where most Screencapture tools call the internal screen capture tool in order to select the area or window to capture, Snapplr uses its own tool so that the user can decide how to process the screenshot while it is captured.

If you are interested in any of the two apps, please send me an email to


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