Icon Composer in 10.5

I just had to create an icon and used the new Icon Composer for this. There’re some really great new features in the new version. Not only that it can create icons like the previous version, it also provides a VERY nice preview panel. You can preview your icon in any size from 1px to 512px on ANY background. It also provides the two default wallpapers so that one can immediately see how it looks on those.

Icon Composer Screenshot

Great improvements, especially all those little things that are of such a big help!


2 Responses to “Icon Composer in 10.5”

  1. Tony Arnold Says:

    Except that the grass blades aren’t the default desktop anymore (and haven’t been since the WWDC beta seeds). Silly Apple!

  2. Karsten Says:

    agreed, but the new default wallpaper is pretty much just something dark, while the grass wallpaper is probably more fit to test the icon on some colorful background.