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BSInspector. Inspect your objects

Inspecting the objects that i deal with in my applications has been a dream of mine since i discovered this isn't working in Xcode. I finally decided to do that stuff myself and here it is: inspectors for your objects. The default version supplies an inspector for Arrays and Dictionaries and everything else is simply inspected by it's debug string. The BSInspectors include a simple API for everyone to create his own plugins, so you can even inspect the objects you created just for your own projects. The archive includes the source-code and a sample-plugin.

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  • Lists all instance variables that are declared as objects in the general inspector
  • Double-click your objects in the debugger to open the inspectors
  • Inspects Strings, Arrays and Dictionaries by default
  • Supplies an easy to use API to enable other developers to write their own plugins

Usage Hints

  • Use the supplied installer to install the Xcode plugin and the bsInspector or bsDebugObject plugins.
  • The DebugTest folder contains a sample project that can be used to try out the BSInspectors
  • Read this blog post if you want to know more about this topic

Missing features

  • Nice icons for the installer, and for the plugins...if anyone feels like doing some, please do :-)

BSInspectors are released under the MIT License.