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Cards. Lightweight card store for iPhone

Cards is easy. You can store there you credit cards, ATM cards and bank access details. Everything is secured by AES-256 encryption. Of course every time you open Cards you will need to insert that password, and there is no way to recover the password, so beware not to forget it!


  • Keeps your credit cards and other sensitive details in a safe place. Surely safer than your wallet (a thief cannot access your data without knowing password), especially for PINs
  • Free! Open source!
  • Nothing else, there are many great general purpose and more complete sensitive data manager around (like eWallet and 1Passwd). We will probably not extend the feature set too much

Usage Hints

  • PINs and other sensitive informations are instead displayed as bullets, keep your finger on the one you want to see to have it revealed
  • No, it is not going to send your data to us. You can actually download the source from here and compile it yourself just to be sure (though you must have enrolled iPhone's developer program for that)