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Trimma – Easy Video Cutting

Trimma is the easiest way of quickly cutting videos without any hustle. No project creation like in iMovie, no strange export settings that change the video's resolution.

Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Open the video
  2. Insert cuts to quickly remove unwanted parts
    • quickly scroll through your video or use the cursor keys for precision steps
    • use the toolbar buttons or the hotkeys A / S to quickly add / remove cuts.
    • insert a cut in the red area will end the red area at the current position
  3. Choose an export preset
    • Passthrough – keep the original encoding, small files stay small, export is blazing fast
    • HEVC – The High Efficiency Video Codec uses the power of h265 encoding to video to a tiny file. Great for sharing with other Mac / iOS Users!
    • AVC – The Advanced Video Codec uses the power of h264 and also creates small video files. Files are not as small as with HEVC, but compatibility with older systems is better
    • Thumbnail – The only free preset. It generates a small video with low quality. Fast in export and gives an idea of what to expect from the export.
  4. Export – yeah, it's really not more complicated


Trimma does not collect any data and does not submit any, too. We do not collect any data.