UnPlugged Icon

UnPlugged. Fast, Simple, Invisible

UnPlugged is an application to notify when the power cord of the Mac is unplugged or plugged in. Notifications are done using Growl, or with a Alertwindow, when Growl is not installed.
This app is done with Cocoa and doesn't use as much RAM and CPU usage as the other tools available. It contains icons for PPC and for Intel-Macs.


  • Works exactly the same way as the battery menu item. It doesn't require any CPU power as long as there are no changes
  • Can notify every couple of percents the battery capacity is dropping
  • Really cute icons thanks to Jan Peratt

Usage Hints

  • to quit option-click the notification, or when you're not using Growl hit the quit button in the Alertpanel
  • to see the notification disconnect or reconnect your power cord